A QR code (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone. It is similar to the traditional bar codes we see, except that it can store a lot more information per unit of area.
Caregivers or first responders are trained to look for medic alert information. When find, they can call MyHealth.Us, type in MR1.US or scan his LifeCode using an app on their smartphone. The emergency information user provided will be displayed. Quick access to this information is critical in an emergency. If user’s PIN is entered, than user’s files, diary, photo journal, doctor information and reminders can be read. If user’s password is entered, then information and files can be changed or deleted.
You don’t have to have a smartphone to use LifeCodes. You can access your LifeCode profile through any computer using your personal ID and PIN. If you wish to use your smartphone, you can scan your LifeCode using a free app. Search for QR readers in the app store and you’ll find plenty of free options to choose from.
In case of an emergency, your critical information can easily be retrieved by a first responder with a click of a smartphone. And you can share your medical files, diary and photo journal with your caregiver faster and with more accurate and complete information.
MR1.Us., our proprietary healthcare platform is HiPAA compliant. All files on MR1.Us and much more are PIN protected for viewing and password protected to edit,add or delete.
Easy. Your can send our doctor a request by fax or secure email by clicking Request Records in Files section of your LifeCode profile. You can also tell your doctor to send your records by email or fax to MyHealth.Us and the records will automatically be in your LifeCode Files section. You can download records from your doctor’s EMR or MyCharts portal, and upload by clicking Upload Records in Files section. You can take a picture of any printed files you have already by clicking Upload Records and choosing Camera in Files section.
We select services we think are most needed, have superior custom service, fast delivery and cost savings. We constantly review each service and look for more based on demographics and advances in patient-centric care.
In addition to storing emergency profile information, users can upload medical files and sensor data, record health observations and keep a photo journal. This information can be retrieved and share faster than traditional EMR systems.
User can click “Forget PIN” or “Forget Password”, and a temporary link is mailed to the user to reset either or both.
Individuals select their LifeCode product when ordering online and pay annually for using MyHealth.Us. Companies and large groups of more than 300 people are billed monthly after providing the logo and approving layout. All healthcare services accessible by clicking Help in your LifeCode Profile are billed separately by the healthcare provider.
Employers typically renew for two year periods. If you leave the company, you will be contacted by us by email to renew as an individual or with your new employer.
Your information can be updated 24/7 from a smartphone or computer. From your smartphone, simply scan the LifeCodes, enter your PIN and password to update any information.
From your computer, go to www.MR1.Us and follow the directions to access and update your information. You will also need your PIN and password to update this information.
Only the headings and instructions are translated into 12 languages. Sufficient for emergency. User data stays in original languages.
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